The Ordinary Man

The Ordinary Man by Every Black Day

Let sleeping policeman sleep, I’m on the beat
Making four minute miles through the cobbled gaslit streets
Where I’m headed for nobody knows
My Penny Farthing and my ripped-up clothes
And a smile and a tip of the hat to everyone I meet

Botanical Gardens, see the peacocks promenade
Watch the High Wheels roll, but I’d rather stay in the shade
Fix a tyre while you hatch your plans
Listen in while the money changes hands
Cause you know it’s in plain sight your game is played

There’s a tale in the tip of a hat, my friend
A fire in the flick of a fan
Let the Bow Street Runners run as fast as they can
They’ll be two steps behind… The Ordinary Man

See a small crack in an upstairs window appear
And a hand reaches out when they see me coming near
All the best conversation in this old town
Silently exchanged ten feet off the ground
But if you’ve no dark secrets, you’ve nothing to fear



Sometimes you need a little more to make your case
A camera or a gun or the keys to the factory gates
Who needs twelve good men and true
With friends like me looking out for you?
Justice is for those who can afford to wait


(Rpt last line x2)

D. Redford