Every Black Day

Every Black Day by Every Black Day

You tried to trap me so many times
Even together you’ll never hold me
Trying to imprison me
The greatest of all your mistakes
Do you remember all those times
From the moment our paths crossed
All those incidents for you to rue
Every black day I ever gave you

Never felt fear as on the night
I first saw the schism untempered
For all my lives I’ve been running
My days are like crazy paving
Forever moving on, so much to see
I can go anywhere but home again
A blue box and no plan at all
Travel till the stars fade and fall

On every black day, remember my name
On every black day, remember my face
We will meet again, just another bad day
Remember my name, every black day

In the war whole worlds fell and burned
By my hand, the last of my kind
Seen the damage of empires vast
The rule of tyrants future and past
A regime of enforced happiness
No mercy shown, I’m the one they fear
They’ll feel this storm forever brewing
A fateful storm always oncoming

Through the years I’ve worn many faces
Borne the chains of the highest office
You vilified my renegade hearts
Never could play my given parts
I’ve been a clown and a warrior
Loud and brash and a mystery too
At once so young and yet so old
And still such tales left to unfold


All of reality open to me
Many have journeyed at my side
All gone now but I can’t forget
The times you left, the days we met
But till we go our separate ways
Run with me if you can keep up
And if you have the heart within you
To take this crazy journey too

(Chorus x2)

T. F. Ravenshaw