Dragstrip One

Drag Strip One by Every Black Day

Wake up and smell the tarmac
It’s far too late to go back
Just turn the key and join the queue
We reinvented the wheel
Wrapped up in glass and steel
And we did it all for you
Forget those railroad blues
Cast off your walking shoes
It’s not too late, you can be saved
Come join the congregation
The craze that’s swept the nation
Paradise is well and truly paved

Saw you on a city street outside the tree museum
Sheltered in the comfort of your mobile mausoleum
They’ve given you a pair of wings and a chance to touch the sun
Laying the foundation stones
For Dragstrip One

The mood is all-pervasive
We can be so persuasive
A picture paints a thousand words
A winding open road
Far from the tidal flow
Buy into the myth and join the herd
Gridlocked and running late
You curse the day you took the bait
Hindsight can be so unforgiving
But it’s too late to leave
The never-ending web we weave
Well, we’ve got to earn a living

Yeah, we’ve been selling self-respect since 1885
There’s nothing we won’t sacrifice to keep the dream alive
We’ll keep the fires burning till the smog blocks out the sun
Lined up in the burnout zone
Of Dragstrip One

D. Redford