Gig report: West Street Live, Sheffield

Ah, West Street Live. Home turf! All revved up and ready to go after our appearance at The Hop in Leeds two days earlier, we were really looking forward to playing in our home town for the first time, and we were not disappointed. We played the same set – because they’re the only songs we know – yet the audience seemed much more receptive this time round. Cynics might argue this is because it was 90% composed of our friends and relatives…

This gig saw the first appearance of EBD badges, custom made by our very own Dave, which mark the wearers as being part of a very select club indeed. Keep those safe, boys and girls, as they’ll be mega valuable when we hit the big time ;o)

Thanks to Ghosts Of Alaska and Cheddar Moon Dystopia for letting us open up for them and being generally excellent.