faye-wallFaye is the band’s bassist and manager. As well as being a huge nerd she’s a practitioner of Tetsudo and is addicted to both cakes and tattoos – so it’s probably good that she has a high pain threshold and can bake.

Faye plays a Cort Artisan B4LH equipped with Rotosound RS66LDN nickel roundwound strings. She can count to five but likes an instrument with fewer strings than her hands have digits.

dave-wall-hatDave lives in Sheffield with his collection of bicycles and long-suffering girlfriend. He is better at rebuilding guitars than playing them, although this is not saying much.

Dave owns a Sennheiser EW100 wireless mic and TC Helicon VoiceTone effects unit but tends to just use a Shure SM58 these days as it is less faff.

kate-wallKate was thawed from the Siberian permafrost in [date deleted] and has had a thing for the music of frozen wastelands ever since. She remains unshakeable in her belief that cheese is a green vegetable.

Kate plays a purple violin made for a child and held together with ribbons and knicker elastic.

richard-phlegmRichard is a Sheffield-based geek, metal-head, climber, drummer, analyst and digital-rights activist. Not necessarily in that order.

Richard plays a Hart Dynamics electronic kit with a Roland brain. It’s cleverer than he is.