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Gig report: The Hop, Leeds

Our first gig! Totally over-excited, we bundled ourselves into random vehicles and launched into orbit around Leeds’ one-way system, trying to find the venue. It turned out to be under a huge GPS-blocking railway bridge – the Dark Arches – which we thought was an awesome and suitably atmospheric address for our debut. Loading in, it became apparent that the stage was upstairs, whereas most of the audience was downstairs. Odd. We also found that we were the only rock band on a bill otherwise occupied by acoustic guitarist/vocalists. More odd. Still, this was our first gig, and we weren’t about to be put off by such details. The bank-holiday chill-out vibe was about to go up in smoke!

Needless to say, we rocked. Which is to say, we got some polite applause and nobody threw anything at us. Well, the important thing is that we didn’t put anyone off their beer, nothing caught fire and after an initial bout of nerves we actually rather enjoyed ourselves! Pretty good for our debut outing I reckon.

So thank you Leeds for nursing us gently through our first time. We’d love to come back soon if you’ll have us. Get in touch!

Rogues Gallery

band-forestThe other weekend we were out and about in Sheffield with Clare Starkie, our friend and talented photographer, to shoot a few pictures for the site. It was a fun day scouting around the city, hunting out interesting locations, dodging curious pedestrians and getting covered in mud unexpectedly.

We’re chuffed to bits with the results – check them out for yourself our new gallery page (our new site header-image is part of the set too).

Clare doesn’t have a website we can point you at, but if you like what you see and you want to get in touch with her, please hit us up via our contacts page and we’ll put you straight through.

Every Black Demo

Today has been an absolute blast! We’re camped out at Yellow Arch studios in Sheffield recording our first demo. As I type we’ve got most of the music in the bag and we’re just finalising the vocals.

We’ve focused on three songs: the atmospheric Temple & Arch, the pacey Drag Strip One, and the eponymous Every Black Day. We’ve also laid down for reference rough versions of three of the other tracks we’re working on.

I’ve got to say it’s all sounding much better than I’d hoped it would and I can’t wait to get the final cut off the mixing desk. Fair play to the folks at Yellow Arch who have been awesome. For our part it’s been hard work but a lot of fun and the results are amazing.

We can’t wait to bring them to you!